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Welcome Message

HealthyHK is a website engineered by the Public Health Information System, which is one of the major initiatives in the Chief Executive's Policy Address in 1998. Various health-related databases in Hong Kong are linked to this system in order to enable us to make full use of the information collected for policy formulation, needs assessment and monitoring and evaluation of public health services. This computerized health information system has come into operation since 2004, and HealthyHK is one of its important components.

A rich collection of statistical information about public health is available in HealthyHK. The data are collected from the databases of various organizations for processing and analysis in the Public Health Information System. The processed information is then disseminated to our collaborators and the public.   We aim at strengthening the partnership with you in promoting health through this platform for sharing of health statistics and information.

We hope that you will find this website user-friendly and informative. We welcome your suggestions and comments on this website.